Air Sicilia Virtual Airways - Rules

Rules and Regulations of Air Sicilia Virtual Airways

01 March 2017

Air Sicilia Virtual Airways is a young Virtual Airline Sicilian, to fly with us is free and amusing !

  • Air Sicilia Virtual Airways aim is to provide a fully realistic aviation environment based on our instruments (flight simulators and IVAO / VATSIM network);
  • The registration is free;
  • To all the pilots it is recommended a civil and polite behavior in the relationships with the Staff both among same pilots;
  • Air Sicilia Virtual Airways is not connected to any real company;
  • The portal is exclusively a game that simulates the activity of an Aerial Company;
  • After the activation of the profile, the pilot will receive the rank of Flight Candidate;
  • To begin the career in the Air Sicilia Virtual Airways, it is necessary to complete a first flight with one of the ACARS systems ( Regolamento di Compagnia - SimBrief - VAM ACARS 1.4.0 - )..;
  • From the first validated flight every pilot will start to accumulate times of flight.
  • Air Sicilia Virtual Airways fleet consist of A318 - A319 - A320 - A321 - A332 - A359 - A5 - B350 - B733 - B738 - B739 - B748 - B74F - B752 - B75F - B76F - B77F - B77W - B789 - BE58 - C172 - C208 - C25C - C550 - CC19 - CL2P - CL30 - DC3 - DH8D - DHC6 - E195 - FA50 - LEG2 - LJ35 - MD82 - PA42 - PC12 - , pilots are requested to fly only those type on aircraft.

    Minimum requirements to join us:
  • The candidate must be in possession of Flight Simulator 2004, FSX, FSX Steam, PREPAR3D or X-Plane 10.
  • The candidate should fly at least 4 every 30 days.
  • The candidate must complete his first flight within the next 15 days from his acceptance day
  • Air Sicilia Virtual Airways has the right to deny the admission of the candidate
  • Air Sicilia Virtual Airways has the right to revoke the membership of any pilot who fail to adhere to the airline’s rules and regulations;
  • Cetifications, Regular flights and Charter flights:
  • Increasing the hours of flight, every pilot can access the various qualifications for aircrafts of superior class;
  • For regular flight he intends every flight ( Scheduled flights / Cargo jobs ) from the Company and assigned to an aircraft in service on that route;
  • Without the suitable qualification a pilot cannot perform a regular flight, using an aircraft assigned to the route, even if scheduled from the Company;
  • Every active pilot can effect a charter flight using however any aircraft of the fleet;
  • The regular flights and charter flight will be paid to the pilot according to the salary of its rank
  • For the charter flights a reduction will be applied on the payment of the salary, established by the Company;
  • After a considerable number of performed regular flights, the Company can directly assign flights to a pilot;
  • Rank ACADEMY 2nd Class Salary per hour: Rank Minimum Hours Rank Maximum Hours Points
    Flight Candidate Flight Candidate Flight Candidate € 10,00 0 5 0
    Pilot Student Pilot Student Pilot Student € 25,00 6 50 250
    Private Pilot Private Pilot Private Pilot € 38,00 51 100 500
    Senior Private Pilot Senior Private Pilot Senior Private Pilot € 42,00 101 200 750
    First Officer First Officer First Officer € 45,00 201 300 1000
    Commander Commander Commander € 48,00 301 900 1250
    Technical Support Staff member Technical Support Technical Support € 75,00 - - -
    Operational Staff Staff member Operational Staff - € 75,00 - - -
    Bureau Chief Staff member Bureau Chief Bureau Chief € 70,00 - - -
    CEO - President Staff member CEO - President - € 100,00 - - -
    General information:

    All PIREPs submitted to Air Sicilia Virtual Airways are processed automatically. A PIREP may take up to ten (10) minutes to be processed, and after this the PIREP will be assigned one of a number of statuses. These include:

    • Accepted (where the PIREP has passed automatic processing);
    • Rejected (where the PIREP has been rejected automatically or by a staff member);
    • Pending (where the PIREP has failed automatic processing and is awaiting review by a staff member);

    If a route is flown using a unknown airframe or livery, it will be marked as pending. This will allow a staff member to review the PIREP. They then have the option to Reject or Invalidate the PIREP. If you have flown using a valid airframe/livery, and the PIREP got marked as pending, don't worry! The staff member reviewing the PIREP can add livery/airframe to the approved aircraft list. This means any future PIREPs using this livery/airframe will be automatically accepted.

    PIREPs can be automatically rejected if certain criteria are met:

    • Over -850FPM; / Crash in Landing;
    • Landed away from destination with no PIREP report;
    Flight Time longer flights translate to more points... Points
    Less than 1 hour + 0
    Between 1 and 2 hours + 40
    Between 2 and 3 hours + 200
    Over 3 hours + 600
    Preparation Time between 20 and 40 minutes.
    ( Preparation time is defined as a timespan between start of flight in SYSTEM ACARS until pushback. )
    + 25
    Landing Rate challenging your perception of a good landing...
    Landing Rate FPM from FPM to Points
    Perfect Landing -250 -350 + 50
    Good Landing -150 -249 + 30
    Fair Landing -351 -400 + 10
    Landing too Hard -401 -500 - 30
    Landing too Soft 0 -149 - 10
    Hard Landing -501 Infinity - 100
    Flaps you should always remember to set them... Points
    Not Set before Take-Off
    ( Flaps 5 to be take-off flaps for majority of served airports. In case of weather or available runway length, pilots are allowed to use flaps 15 or flaps 25 setting without penalty. )
    - 10
    Not Retracted before Parking - 5
    Engines turn or passengers swim.... Points
    Engine 2 Started First + 10
    Engines shut on Parking, before submitting PIREP + 5
    Speed Speedinge fines explained...
    Condition Points
    Overspeed over 250kts under 10000ft - -5
    Stall - -25
    Taxi speed over 25kts - 0
    Manual PIREPs:
  • A pilot can send occasionally manual PIREP, contacting the person responsible of the proper HUB before the dispatch to explain the motivations;
  • To be able to send a manual PIREP on a regular flight, a booking must be present from the pilot of the flight in matter;
  • The manual PIREPs without communication and motivation won't be validated;
  • Use of the fleet:
  • To every pilot it is in recommended the exclusive use of present airplanes in the fleet of the Company
  • Every pilot must use the official livery of the company, if available in download for the select airplane;
  • Both the regular flights that the charter flights performed with airplanes not recorded in Company fleet won't be validated;
  • Move among Airports ( Jumps ):
  • To every performed regular flight the pilot will change location according to the destination airport;
  • Every pilot can effect a regular flight if in his location is available a route and an airplane assigned to the route;
  • If it won't find available airplanes, pilot can effect a move ( jump ) of position, choosing an airport of destination;
  • The move will be debited according to the cost expectation, following three categories ( National - Continetal - Intercontinental );
  • Pilot inactivity policy:
  • The pilot should fly 4 flights every 30 days;
  • Pilots who are marked as inactive ones, will be asked by email if they want or not to continue on Air Sicilia Virtual Airways giving him a 7 days period to reply our email;
  • The pilot might send a leave of absence request to us; in which (if accepted) the pilot will have a 90 days period in which he must fly at least once;
  • You will not be able to send a leave of absence until you served 90 days or at least 3 flights for Air Sicilia Virtual Airways;
  • We strongly recommend to consider your ability to fulfill Air Sicilia Virtual Airways basic commitments before applying.
  • If you cannot comply with these minimum requirements you will be removed from our pilots roster.
  • If you were removed from our rosters before, you can reapply to join us again and your past records will be looked at.

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